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Learn Film Acting

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Learn Film Acting
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Learn the fundamentals of film acting & face the camera confidently.

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Build Acting Foundation
In 6 Months

Want to act but don’t know where to start? Bring the performer in you alive!

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Learn to express yourself effectively & have an impactful personality.

Become an influencer

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Become An Engaging InfluencerIn 6 Months

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Complete Acting Bundle

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Become A Complete Actor
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Learn the most important acting concepts & have a solid start to your acting career.

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Build Actor’s Daily Routine
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Learn to build an actor’s daily routine & have your body ready for any performance.

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A step-by-step guide to kickstarting an acting career!

Learn about the ins and outs of the industry, tips and tricks to help you succeed, and get your questions answered by a seasoned professional.

💻 Host: Maneesh Verma (Actor & Ekalavya Co-Founder)
🎥 Guest: Joy Sengupta (Veteran Film & Theatre Actor)

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A Drama School Mumbai Initiative

Drama School Mumbai conceived Ekalavya with the mission to provide high quality online acting and theatre training. We want to forge a new generation of theatre-makers, actors and creators in India. Founded in 2013, Drama School Mumbai is now one of the best theatre schools in India. Ekalavya courses are designed by highly trained Drama School Mumbai faculty. By taking Ekalavya courses, the most talented and motivated Ekalavya students can also get a chance to study at the Drama School Mumbai. 


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Frequently Asked Questions


These beginner acting courses provide you with the basic knowledge of acting and theatre in an engaging manner. Even if you are not involved in the creative arts, these online drama lessons will equip you with critical life skills such as self-awareness, effective communication, confidence, and creative expression.

Our courses are designed holistically and do not restrict themselves to fields of pursuit or levels of study. If you are interested in exploring the world of theatre and acting, these courses provide you with the basic building blocks in an engaging manner. Even if you are not involved in the creative arts, these courses will equip you with critical life skills like self-awareness, confidence, effective communication and creative expression.

Each Ekalavya course is designed to be stand-alone. If you want to pursue a career in acting and theatre, we recommend beginning with the first course, ‘Breaking Open Characters’ which deals with the most basic concept of characterization and how to approach the portrayal of different characters.

These courses provide the building blocks of study in the field of acting and theatre-making. Ekalavya courses cover foundational concepts that serve as an essential first step to launching your creative journey and your acting career.

We strongly encourage learners to take charge of their own creative journeys. We believe this self-drive is key to success in the theatre and acting industry. Our courses act as critical catalysts in this journey. We motivate our learners to actively get involved in fun and engaging exercises. Every course requires a performance submission in the end where learnings come together to mould something tangible. Personal stories, anecdotes, and greenroom hacks form an indispensable part of the courses. Online forums will also ensure a community exchange of ideas, and a space to ideate and grow consistently.


Once enrolled, you will be able to access the course modules and individual study sessions contained within those modules. Please check your email for login instructions. It is advised that you download the course on your device so that you are able to access the same in case of unavailability of the internet.

The assignments will be reviewed by the Ekalavya team at the Drama School Mumbai as part of the criteria for successfully completing a course.

Yes, you will receive a course completion certificate once you submit your final course assignment and it has been accepted by Ekalavya.

You can access your purchased courses on our mobile app currently available on Android. Please click here to download the application.

Presently, all Ekalavya courses come with lifetime validity. You can take them at your own pace and time. The validity period can change in future but if you have bought a course with lifetime validity then it will remain as it is.