How to Become an Actor? Is Acting Everyone’s Cup of Tea?

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It’s time we need to break the myth that personality defines actors. Or talent does. The training for film acting or theatre...

We, like children, are good at different things. Someone might be exceptionally good in sports; another child could be brilliant at science. There could also be this one child who loves being the centre of attention, loves to play “pretend” games, never misses a chance to pose in front of the camera and communicates all the joys and wonders of the world just by acting their heart out. If you were that kid, there’s a very good chance that people might assume that acting would come very naturally to you. Even for the most introverted kids who might want to pursue acting, people would rather judge their personality type than the skill set they might possess.

First of all, it’s time we need to break the myth that personality defines actors. Or talent does. Only acting and theatre training make you perfect. The training for film acting or theatre acting is a scientific and technical skillset that you inculcate. Nobody is born with acting talent.

American essayist, poet, and popular philosopher Ralph Waldo Emerson once said, “Every artist was first an amateur.” Great actors may or may not have been born with innate talent. What makes them truly great is how far they are willing to go to master their craft. They might have the knack to perform. But, and this is significant, they will not realise their true potential unless they train. Polishing a raw stone into a diamond, making cuts and designs wherever required, and making them aware of their worth- this is precisely what lapidarists do. At Ekalavya, we bring high quality online acting and theatre training to your doorstep. We bring you the best minds of the industry to help mould you into the great artist you have the potential to become.

Film and theatre actor, Swara Bhaskar, pointed out a very relevant fact during our launch event. She said, “The very awareness of your craft when you have the right training; the confidence that it brings is immense. I cannot stress enough how empowering that is!”

A talented actor without formal training is like finding a treasure and hiding it in a place you don’t remember. To be able to read the script, understand the emotion, decipher the relationships between characters, and reciprocate the ideas of your director; all these skills do not come naturally. A formal acting and theatre training can not only give you an edge at understanding the intricacies of this art beforehand but will also give you a boost to your confidence levels.

Anyone with a great imaginative mind, the courage to let go of all inhibitions, and the ability to express themselves, can become a good actor. This is what Ekalavya is about. Directing the spark inside of you, nurturing it, and giving you that push as you slowly learn to fly – this is precisely what Ekalavya will help you with its online acting and theatre courses. Your journey of self-discovery, of exponential character development, starts here.

 Ekalavya: Act, Create, Communicate

India’s best online acting and theatre training platform, an initiative of Drama School Mumbai (DSM). DSM is one of the best acting and theatre schools in India. At Ekalavya, all the courses are designed and delivered by highly trained DSM faculty and industry professionals. Currently available courses are Breaking Open Characters, Mastering Monologues, Expressive Voice and Speech and Expressive Body.

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